Whether you want custom-made foam shapes, moldings trims, keystones, window sills, wall caps, cornices, headboards, starter corners, brackets, or any architectural shape, Central Stucco can definitely fulfill your every request.
Our sophisticated hot wire machine can cut custom architectural shapes from blocks of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), then they can be reinforced with fiberglass mesh, base coated, and finally we apply the finish coat to fortify entire structure.
Custom architectural foam shapes can bring an elegance to your interior or exterior projects.
Here at Central Stucco, it is easy to order and then install beautiful custom trims, columns, moldings and others custom shapes.
Hotels, restaurants, masonry walls, private homes or commercial business buildings look elegant when they are beautified with special, lightweight architectural shapes made with EPS foam.
Central Stucco personnel is committed to providing everything you need to get the job done quickly and affordably.

  • Architectural foam shapes Available at Central Stucco
  • Types Crown Moldings, Keystones, Window Surrounds, Sills, Columns, Pilasters, Capitals/bases, Quoins, Quatrefoils, Arches, and Cornices
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