permabase national gypsum logoPermaBase® Cement Board is a stiff substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate and glass mesh. It has an extremely hard, strong surface that can endure extended exposure to moisture.
This cement boards are available at Central Stucco in three different sizes ( 1/2″x 3’x5′ | 1/2″x 4’x8′ | 5/8″x 4’x8′)
Permabase cement boards can be used for many Interior or exterior applications.
Interior use provides a superior underlayment for many construction projects including bathrooms showers, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, steam rooms and saunas, laundry rooms, kitchen flooring and also swimming pools decks and enclosures.
Exterior applications are very popular recently among our stucco contractors, that mostly use them for Cement Board Masonry Veneer Wall System (CBMV), Cement Board Stucco System (CBSS), Continuous Insulation (CI), and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS).
The biggest advantage factor for using cement board for exterior walls is durability.
Another time-saving benefit it is eliminating long, labor intensive use of trowel while applying the base coat.
Permabase cement boards properly installed will keep moisture out of the building preventing the growth of any mold, mildew, and other forms of water damage.
It is impact resistant, tremendously durable and dimensionally stable. It can be cut using a standard utility knife.
Permabase cement board provides the best industry warranty -15 years for exterior applications.

  • PermaBase® manufacturer: National Gypsum Company
  • Available sizes at Central Stucco : 1/2"x 3'x5' | 1/2"x 4'x8' | 5/8"x 4'x8'
  • Exterior warranty: 15-year
  • contact: Joanna tel.973-777-0515 ext.2
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