Introducing LaHabra® Platinum Plus, a new hybrid stucco finish.


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Central Stucco is introducing a new hybrid finish more durable than paint, more flexible than stucco and less expensive than stucco grade acrylic.

LaHabra Platinum Plus hybrid stucco finish adds long-lasting beauty and durability to EIFS or traditional stucco exteriors; is a simple one base system available in 50 pound bags and conveniently tinted with color bottles.

Lahabra Platinum Plus Bag

New product – Platinum Plus from LaHabra is a strong, high quality acrylic polymer modified cementitious finish layer,  that can be used as an external color coat over EIFS and Stucco Assemblies.

It is integrally colored and tinted with color bottles so as to have an enhanced color uniformity over conventional cementitious finish.

As a cementitious finish, LaHabra Platinum Plus is extremely durable, more resistant to impact over stucco basecoats than an acrylic finish or even a conventional cementitious finish.

The Bullets Points:

  • Strength of a traditional cementitious finish
  • Polymer Modified Cementitious Finish
  • 30% less cost per square foot than stucco-grade acrylic finish
  • 100% higher impact resistance than traditional cement stucco or stucco grade acrylic finishes
  • Tinted with color bottles
  • Exterior color coat over EIFS and Stucco
  • Improved color consistency over traditional cementitious finish
  • For new or existing construction
  • Great for the renovation market
  • Up to 6-year warranty

LaHabra Platinum Plus comes in a 16/20 aggregate size.

LaHabra-pp color chart