color charts



LaHabra offers three different color charts: Standard, Premium lifestyle and the Parex color collection. This color charts applies to Stucco Color Coat, Acrylic and Elastomeric finishes, Allegro II, Fog Coat and Coatings.

(Due to individual computer display restrictions, colors shown on this web site may not precisely reproduce the LaHabra stucco colors applied on the wall surface.)

LaHabra Standard Colors Chart

LaHabra-standard-colors chart


LaHabra Premium Lifestyle Colors LaHabra-premium-color chart


Parex USA Color Collection


The colors shown on the charts are intended to show the approximate color of the finish layer. Color will vary depending on the type selected. Application by spraying or texturing will increase the depth of the color. Difference in color may accrue due to weather, job conditions, and method of application.