Central Stucco is a proud distributor of LaHabra brand products.

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Established in  1926, LaHabra has a rich history that exemplifies the trust and success that comes from a single source, quality driven stucco/EIFS solutions provider, from scratch to finish coat.
Today, this stucco manufacturer retains its position as the most trusted stucco/EIFS brand in North America, offering innovations such as Base and Packaged Color systems, One-Coat stuccos, Polymer modified cement finishes, Air and Water Resident Barriers, Stucco Basecoats, Cement and Acrylic finishes and Acrylic DPR finishes.

Company has 9 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. Theses locally produced materials are serviced by local distributors who understand the market and provide a superior level of service.

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Lahabra is on the forefront in Energy efficient technologies, continuous insulation (CI) walls can be achieved through traditional three-coat as well as one-coat assemblies using FastWall and WaterMaster products.

Energy efficient High-end wall structures can also be achieved using LaHabra EIFS products. Extremely energy efficient, light weight cladding that is versatile in design. From providing a true stucco look to realistically mimicking stone, brick, and other exterior claddings, EIFS can wrap almost any structure in a blanket of insulation.

This allows building owners to obtain the look and feel they desire yet enjoy the operating benefits of low energy costs. LaHabra offers the most complete line of colors and textures from standard colors to Variance Select Finishes®.LaHabra continues to set new standards for product quality, consistency, reliability and service and has developed many technological breakthroughs in an ever changing construction industry.


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From high-end to the economical, whatever the wall demands LaHabra has the solution for commercial or residential applications.


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