LaHabra EIFS are favored over other claddings due to their greater energy efficiency. By insulating the outside of the structure, EIFS decrease air infiltration, stabilize the interior atmosphere and lessen energy consumption. 

This uninterrupted insulation provides higher R-Value and better energy savings. 
Systems without continuous insulation let heat and cold to pass more freely through the wall.

Exterior Insulation and Finish System provide greater design plasticity and aesthetic appeal at a reasonable price due to their almost unlimited spectrum of colors, a broad variety of textures, and ability to conform to the majority of architectural detailing, forms or design.
EIFS allow applicators to efficiently imitate the look of virtually any exterior cladding.
LaHabra Exterior Insulation and Finish System is the most adaptable exterior cladding on the market today!

LaHabra EIFS Offering

LaHabra offers three types of high-performance EIFS to provide the best in both price and performance.

  • Insul-Flex Standard
  • Insul-Flex WaterMaster
  • Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR
The two WaterMaster choices provide the additional benefits of moisture resistant management.
Insul-Flex Standard EIFS
Insul-Flex Standard
A classic Exterior Insulation and Finish System  that provides superior thermal insulation and design flexibility.

Standard LaHabra system utilizes adhesive add-on of EPS foam. The system can also be used with heavier weights of mesh to improve impact resistance. A variety of finishes and colors availability provide for nearly unlimited design inspiration.

Insul-Flex WaterMaster
Insul-Flex WaterMaster

Insul-Flex WaterMaster is the best drainage EIFS incorporates vertical ribbons of adhesive to provide an optimal drainage surface.
Adding up to the vertical ribbons, this design makes WeatherSeal liquid applied water-resistant barrier. It provides the guard against incidental moisture and reacts as an air barrier. this barrier takes the already energy efficient Exterior Insulation and Finish System and gives it a boost by restraining air flow while permitting vapor permeable.

 LaHabra EIFS
Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR


Insul-Flex WaterMaster (LCR) is a drainage EIFS for wood-framed construction use in residential and commercial applications.
This system is using many of the same components as the Insul-Flex WaterMaster, the Insul-Flex WaterMaster LCR makes use of "Stucco Wrap" to give the secondary moisture-resistive barrier and ways of drainage for the incidental accumulation of water and is mechanically fastened.

Lahabra materials
 LaHabra EIFS

Water-Resistant Barrier

WeatherSeal: The industry-leading waterproof membrane for use as a water-resistive & air barrier used in the LaHabra Insul-Flex WaterMaster system.

 LaHabra EIFS

EPS Insulation

Insulation: Made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation board, required on all LaHabra EIFS system,
provides excellent thermal protection. 

 LaHabra EIFS

Base Coat & Adhesive

Insul-Bond Wet and Insul-Bond Dry: A factory controlled blend of proprietary raw materials.
Insul-Bond Wet and Insul-Bond Dry are used as both an EPS adhesive (for approved substrates) and
as a base coat to embed mesh. Insul-Bond Wet is packaged in a pail and requires the addition of
portland cement. Insul-Bond Dry is packaged in a bag and requires only water to be added.

 LaHabra EIFS

Reinforcing Mesh:

Fiberglass mesh is alkali resistant and is embedded in the Insul-Bond base coat
to provide strength and flexibility. Mesh is available in varying weights to provide different levels of
impact resistance.

 LaHabra EIFS

Primer Coat (Optional)

Perma-Primer: A tintable acrylic primer that can be applied by roller or sprayer. Use a primer to
improve the handling, texturing, and coverage of finish.

 LaHabra EIFS

Finish Coat

Perma-Finish EIFS & Stucco Finish: LaHabra offers a number of finish options for your
LaHabra EIFS in standard and nearly unlimited range of custom colors.
• Perma-Finish is an integrally colored acrylic finish available in 4 textures: Smooth, Fine, Swirl and